Junior Jack Kiefer Takes Control of Fishing Game at NAHS


Olivia Chewning

Catch A Break: Junior Jack Kiefer takes the oppor-tuna-ty over the summer to go fishing at the NAHS lake.

Each year, towards the end of second semester, students cannot wait to be able to jump of their desks and enjoy two months of summer before having to return to school in August. After a long hard year of homework, studying, and balancing a social life, many students are excited to take a break from it all and just relax. However, one NAHS Junior cannot wait for summer. Why? So he can come to school all June and July, but for a different purpose: to fish.

North Atlanta High School provides many great opportunities like a strong art program, a great orchestra, and a large variety of classes one can take. Yet one unseen advantage is the fishing opportunity at NAHS. The lake below North Atlanta is home to many fish, which Jack Kiefer takes his rod at. During the summer, Kiefer comes to school, and then heads to the lake to catch some bass. Although the lake is right below our actual school, there are multiple fences around the area, which he fiercely hops to get toward his end goal. “I enjoy fishing here despite all the obstacles. The lake has a ton a bass and it’s really a great spot,” he said.

Another advantage Kiefer gains from fishing at school is how secluded the lake is. Normally, he fishes at Capital City Club, however, prefers NAHS much more because of the lack of other fishers. Often times, when Kiefer wants some company, he will bring his squad with him to fish, making the peaceful pastime more entertaining. “Sometimes fishing can become a little boring, so I like to bring my friends so we can hang out while fishing,” he said.

Although North Atlanta may not be considered the “traditional” high school, having a unique building and location has its perks. Fishing is only one of many opportunities that other Atlanta schools do not offer, so the next time you want to go fishing, think NAHS!