Call It What You Want: Swift’s “Reputation” Concert Won Atlanta’s Heart


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Good Reputation: Adoring fans of international pop star Taylor Swift packed the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for two early-August shows.

On August 10 and 11, Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Tour made its way through Atlanta to downtown’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Accompanied by incredible backup dancers, confetti and bright lights, Taylor Swift definitely wowed the crowd. Swifties — her adoring fans — couldn’t have thought up a more incredible concert in their wildest dreams.

Swift’s new album “Reputation” has been the center of attention of new and old fans alike since her first single release of “Look What You Made Me Do.” “Reputation” is a definite style shift for Swift. Her album includes 15 fan favorites, where she shares her struggle with the way media has falsely portrayed her throughout the years, as well as telling the story of her new boyfriend, who loves her despite the bad press.

Swift fans crowded into “The Benz” on Friday and Saturday night, decked out in glitter and clutching handmade signs with Taylor’s name. When she came onto the stage, the crowd went absolutely wild, and the whole night their intensity remained sky high. Swift has a way with her fans and she really made Atlanta light up with every song she performed. Junior Caroline Hammond attended the concert and was amazed with the way Swift acknowledged the crowd. “She told us that it was her thirteenth show in our city, which was so cool,” she said. “I also loved that because thirteen is Taylor’s lucky number!”

Her concert was full of surprises, that included giant inflatable snakes on her stage, reflecting her album’s focus on negative gossiping. For concert-goers, the excitement continued as Swift incorporated fan-favorite older hits like “This Love,” “The Lucky One,” and “Should’ve Said No.” She also wowed her fans with her musical talent, playing acoustic guitar and piano, as well as flawlessly hitting notes high and low. Junior Lilly Long felt the staging of Swift’s concert was a visual delight. “She moved around to different stages to make sure everyone in the crowd could get the chance to see her closer, which was genius,” she said. “I also loved her attitude and the way she really brought the audience into her performance.”

Overall, the high energy concert Swift brought to our city was a hit. Adoring fans screamed, danced, and sang along to every word, and made memories that last a lifetime. After the last encore everyone was of one applauding accord: Thank you, Taylor Swift, for an absolutely praise-worthy performance. You certainly won the hearts of Atlanta.