NAHS Students Spread Art and Music with Pianos for Peace


Pianos for Peace

Playing With Paint: Senior Christopher Robinson performs on the piano for the "Pianos for Peace" project.

While most artists typically paint canvases, the artists at North Atlanta have recently been taking on something a little unconventional— painting on a piano. With the help of nationwide organization “Pianos for Peace,” North Atlanta was able to receive the instrument as a donation. Within two weeks, the art department was able to transform the piano from worn and deteriorating to a colorful, vibrant statement piece that reflects our school and Atlanta.

The mission of “Pianos for Peace” is to take old pianos that would otherwise be thrown away and bring a new life to them. After beautifying the instruments and tuning them, they are transported to a place in the community where they can be played and enjoyed by the public. Atlanta Public Schools partnered with the organization this year for the first time, allowing schools district-wide the chance to give back to the community. “I really love the message of this project,” said art teacher Allison Shepard. “One person sees one of the pianos and starts playing. Then the music bounces off the walls and people who are just walking by take a moment to stop and appreciate the music.”

The design for the North Atlanta piano was the result of a combination of designs done by the art students, and the actual painting was done by student volunteers. With the tight timeline, working after-school was a must to finish the project in time. “It was definitely a challenge, but being able to be a part of this movement and spread music throughout the city made all the work worth it,” said junior Elliana Hau, who was one of the dedicated painters who donated her time.

After the two weeks of tireless surfacing, priming, painting, and mod podging were up, the piano was moved out of the art room and is currently in the process of being placed in the community, most likely downtown. After the piano’s stint in the city, the North Atlanta art department hopes that it will come back to North Atlanta. However, until then, it will be bringing art and harmony to the streets of Atlanta.