Mixed Thoughts About North Atlanta Parking Deck Invaders


Hayden Perciful

Park and Shoot: North Atlanta's parking deck is used for many scenic photos

To many students at North Atlanta, the parking deck is just be another structure, packed with plain floors of endless cars and jam-packed end of the day traffic. But for students who are not a part of the North community, the parking deck is much more than that. For those visiting after hours or with their friends on the weekend, the high rising car lot serves as an iconic place for fun and scenic pics. These photographic foreigners have caused controversy for the Warriors.

The deck’s fourth floor has recently attracted a variety of students from far and wide. North Atlanta is positioned within line of the downtown skyline, making it a prime location for pictures during sunset. “People from other schools always come and take pics,” said junior, Layne Day. “It’s always kind of weird to see them on social media after.”

Among the students from outside the North Atlanta community are students from Lovett, Westminster, Holy Innocent’s and Atlanta Girls School.

For many North Atlanta students, it doesn’t always settle well to see strangers in their parking deck. Many Warriors aren’t always welcoming to the people who want to use their campus as a photo backdrop. “It’s pretty annoying how people come to take pictures in our parking deck,” said sophomore Elizabeth Henderson. “It’s probably because their parents won’t let them come to our school so they just come after hours.”

Other students at NAHS don’t seem to mind the newcomers in the parking deck. Many believe that this new trend could be good press for Atlanta Public Schools. “I honestly take it as a compliment,” said senior Mary Wallace Underwood.  “Maybe some of these people are starting to see that North Atlanta isn’t so bad afterall.”

Whether North Atlanta students are unwelcoming of “foreign” students in their parking deck, or don’t mind the good press and popularity, people are continuing to use the NAHS parking lot for whichever way they see fit. It  might seem like nothing for the students who use it each and everyday, but the parking deck also serves a public spot for many to socialize and have fun.