The Resurgence of 70s Revival


Maddy Carter

Feeling Groovy: Juniors Luceanna Fortunato and Rhiann Ashmore are getting in touch with their inner-lava lamps and spearheading the 70s retro revival at North Atlanta.

Consider this concept: Jimi Hendrix is playing out of a deep blue record player, while it sits conspicuously amongst pictures of Stevie Nicks and strategically placed incense holders. A red shag rug is laid parallel against an orange water bed as if to highlight the contrasting mod walls. Throw up a peace sign for change and enjoy the following retro time warp reality: We’re going back to the 70s.

It’s no secret that the 70s are making their way back in style full force with wide-leg bell-bottoms, mod-chic dresses, and the ever so prevalent wooden clogs. This trend can be seen throughout popular mall stores such as Forever 21, H&M, and even Urban Outfitters. As the 70s roll in, the 90s roll out.

Junior Luceanna Fortunato says vintage style has inspired who she is as an individual. Her inspirations would be Joan Jett, Blondie, Patti Smith and Pattie Boyd. “They’ve definitely influenced who I am stylistically, because style has always been a way that I express myself,” said Fortunato.

Other students also find themselves expressing their sense of fashion through the lens of the 70s. Junior Cameron White says the style in decade has undoubtedly inspired the core of his being. “I love everything about the seventies,” he said. “I love taking inspiration from older decades and making them individual to me.”

White believes that every decade eventually comes back around in it’s own fashion. “Everything that was once popular comes back, but it’s always individualized,” he said. “The 90s came back in the 2000s, and now the 70s are back.”

So saddle up guys and gals, the 70s are rolling back in with a vengeance. As flower power rolls back in with Greta Van Fleet and clogs make a reappearance with empire waistline mini-dresses, remember this: when in doubt, light up your lava lamp,  get out your disco albums and climb that Day-Glo “Stairway to Heaven.”