110 Percent: Captain Davis Bell Gives All for His Team


Allison Hayes

Ready to Roll: Junior Davis Bell gives his all out on both the football field and in the classroom, making him a great role model for other players.

If you ever hear about a coach wanting the all around player, with on and off the field versatility, and a burning passion for the game, they are probably thinking of someone like junior linebacker and offensive lineman Davis Bell.

No matter what you need from him, Bell can probably do it. He is a dual sport athlete, scheming against offenses and beating up defensive lineman in the fall, and crushing baseballs in the spring. Through all of the great athletic achievement he has created in the timeline, his in-the-classroom achievements are the ones that put him atop of coaches lists as a great leader and a role model for the young student athletes. “I love playing sports and I love the competition, but I realize it all starts in the classroom and that’s what will help me succeed in the long run,” said Bell.

Outside of the classroom, Bell stars on the football team as the starting middle linebacker and a starting left guard. But that’s not all- Bell can play on both sides of the ball. He can also play any position on the offensive line. Where he plays just depends on the coaches feel that week where he will start. He then takes on a full head of steam going into the spring to smash some baseballs out of the field. “I love the fall and playing football but getting back into baseball this spring has me very excited,” said Bell.

When it comes to the classroom, Bell is focused and serious-minded. He has maintained consistently high grades and plans to keep it up for the rest of high school. His favorite subject among his IB classes is IB English because he said he is interested in the subject and loves the teaching style of his teacher Brianna Levels. “I know how much the classroom will do for me in the future and I know if I want to have a good future it all starts now,” said Bell.

Bell’s coaches give glowing appraisals about his work ethic and his dedication both to the field and the classroom, and know he is a great role model for the upcoming North Atlanta players and students to have. “He is not only an outstanding player, he is a great kid with a good head on his shoulders,” said head coach Sean O’Sullivan. “I know his mom is proud of him.”

Bell is what every teacher and coach wants to have. As both player and pupil whatever you need to get done Bell can do it. He is the ultimate role model with his great academics and his stellar play on the field for Dubs sports. 110 Percent: It’s all Davis Bell knows.