Clarke Peoples: North Atlanta’s Lawyer in Training


Ahtziri Bustamante

Case Study: Senior Clarke Peoples, student body president, president of Mock Trial, among more long lists of accomplishments, prepares for a future in law at Columbia University.

A lot of people have heard of Clarke Peoples, but few truly know her. She is an IB DP enrolled student who goes to the trouble of taking an added AP course. She founded the North Atlanta Student Political Association and has been on the girls varsity golf team since sophomore year. On top of all that — more than enough for most — she is also the school’s student body president.

Meet Clarke Peoples: the hard-working, legal profession-enthused senior whose schedule is packed to the gills and whose resume is heavily laden with extra curriculars. Peoples is president of the Mock Trial team as well as coordinator for the IB DP iBuddies program. Outside of school, she is the Youth Director for an Atlanta initiative to get inner-city kids interested in the seemingly out of reach sport of equestrian polo and she’s also a founder of a non-profit mentorship organization. “My favorite clubs are definitely Student Government and Mock Trial. Mock trial is the most interesting activity I’ve ever participated in,” said Peoples.

A big accomplishment for Peoples was participation two summers ago in the Governor’s Honors Program where she represented North Atlanta for social studies. She’s also won awards for Mock Trial and on top of all that legal impressiveness, she has passed the student bar exam for the state of Georgia. It’s evident that the subject of law is her greatest interest. She attended Georgia Law Academy, an institute that teaches young people about possible law careers and has interned at a Tier 1 corporate law firm for six weeks. No matter what she’s doing, she always finds a way to pursue her interest in the law either in or out of school. A specific angle she takes is criminal law and that focus has led her into investigations of serial killers and violent crime specifically. “I actually love researching serial killers. After reading ‘My Friend Dahmer’ freshman year, I started to become very interested in the motivations behind serial killers and learning more about their crimes,” said Peoples, “Strange, I know.”

The senior class president hopes to attend Columbia University in New York City in the fall, where she plans on majoring in political science. “I’m from Washington, D.C. and want to go back up north for school, so Columbia in New York is perfect for me,” said Peoples.

Whether she is blasting Bobby Caldwell through her earbuds or working with the  non-profit organization she founded, Peoples is expressing her love for law and doing what she wants most in life. She has a bright future, so watch out New York City: she’s coming for you!