Home Turf: Golf Team Set to To Enjoy Renovated Bobby Jones Course


Martin Elgison

Driving Ambition: The newly renovated Bobby Jones Golf Course attracts school golf teams and professionals alike for some serious game.

In years past, the North Atlanta’s boys and girls golf teams have had to make the long and treacherous trip to “OTP” land just to be able to practice. For many years, it’s been a team with no course to call home. Thankfully, now with the newly renovated Bobby Jones Golf Course opening on November 9, North Atlanta has the opportunity to use this state-of-the-art Buckhead course.

When the news that the golf course was being renovated came out, many schools rushed to have their team on the new course. But only two schools came out on top: Georgia State University and North Atlanta, which makes it all the more thrilling. Sophomore Evan Elgison is part of the team. Fortunately for North Atlanta, Elgison’s dad is the president of the Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation. The North Atlanta parent played a large role in the course renovation and it was his energies that led to North Atlanta finally being able to have a home course. “Having such an amazing course, which is so close that we can use and have priority over is so great. It will really help the teams so much,” said junior Hannah Hume.

This new course will have double greens, which allows for this course to be reversible, or played from either directions.This will lead to it being convenient and efficient. What makes this feature even more impressive is that it’s the only one of its kind in the entire United States. Along with this is a great practice facility, a brand new clubhouse, and an impressive new parking garage with tons of available parking. In addition, a path for the Beltline runs alongside part of course, which will make the area even more chaotic. “I think all of these resources will be great for the team. The fact the course is so close will allow us to have more play time too, which is great,” said sophomore Ned Coleman.

Despite past struggles traveling extensive distances, the North Atlanta boys and girls golf teams now have incredible resources available to them. The teams are excited to swing into action this spring and with this new facility. Certainly the Dubs are a squad the other teams better watch out… FOUUURRRR!”