School Creates Cameron Fearon Award to Honor Fallen Warrior


Lisa Fearon

Cameron Fearon will always be remembered in our hearts.

Cameron Fearon, a 2017 graduate of North Atlanta, was a vital part of the school in his years as a student here, where he excelled in his academics and in Warrior basketball. This past September, Cameron passed away after a long battle with terminal metastatic melanoma. He fought very hard against the illness, even in his time at North Atlanta and — after high school — while a student at the University of Georgia.

No matter where he was he always made people smile, constantly making the world around him brighter. North Atlanta students knew of his noble nature, and since his passing there’s been a widespread desire to honor such an inspiring individual who made such a lasting mark.

At the basketball game against Banneker on Nov. 13, North Atlanta athletics created a new and unique award to honor Fearon. A ceremony took place at halftime during the game when the player’s jersey was presented to his parents. Many spoke about how Fearon touched their lives. None spoke with more emotion than Kerry Sarden, boys head basketball coach. “It was a pleasure to coach him, and the things he did for me and this program still impact me to this day,” said Sarden.

To honor Fearon, his one-time jersey — #10 — will have new meaning. The Warrior basketball player who best embodies the competitive spirit that he exhibited will earn the honor of wearing the number. The first-ever to don Fearon’s number is senior Sam Jennings, who played with his fallen teammate during his freshman and sophomore years.  The privilege of wearing his former teammate’s number is not lost of Jennings. “This is something I will not take for granted and this is something that means so much to me,” said Jennings. “I loved Cameron and we are all dedicating this season in his memory.”

Along with Jennings, senior guard Messiah Thompson also played with Cameron during his freshman year. They both had incredible collaboration on and off the court and their solid friendship was noticeable. “Cameron was an excellent mentor and a good friend, and honoring his jersey had to be done to show how great of a person he was,” said Thompson.

Cameron Fearon was an incredible leader and teammate. Though he had gone many places in his life and changed many people, he had never made more of an impact on anyone as he had on the students and faculty at North Atlanta. He spread positivity whenever he was around and left positive impacts on so many people with his kindness and compassion. Cameron Fearon will be forever missed, and the move to honor his jersey will ensure his memory will endure for many seasons to come.