Dubs on Wheels: The Lowdown on Rolling Skating at North


Hayden Perciful

Hot on Wheels: Freshman Bryce McGowan, and Sophomores Lily Jones and Tyler Hankin roll their way through the P.E. roller skating curriculum.

If you ask almost any health or PE student “What’s the best part of gym class?” they will almost always answer “the skating unit, duh!”

Roller skating has become very popular at North Atlanta and students are very eager to lace up their skates and wheel around the gym. Whether you want to just ride around peacefully or participate in an intense game of roller hockey, PE roller skating has a place for every kind of student at North Atlanta High School.

All it takes is $15 and a signed parent’s permission form to have some fun skating in the gym. Students can coast around the floor listening to some awesome tunes often courtesy of Coach Terrance Amos.  “My favorite part about skating is probably dancing to ‘In my Feelings’ by Drake,” said Junior Blake Whitlow. “I just feel like a total baddie whenever I lace up the skates and do the Kiki Challenge.”

Other students like a little more action for their skating experience. A hardcore game of roller hockey can be very fun for students who want a little more upbeat experience. “One time I was playing roller hockey with the boys,” said Junior Danielle Milburn. “When I went to get the ball, I fell flat on my face. I’m such a klutz!”

What’s better than having a blast and skating with all your friends in the gym? Being able to do so under the guidance and leadership of professional roller derby athletes. Students from all grades were ecstatic to find out that special guests from the Atlanta Rollergirls were able to come help them learn a thing or two about skating. “The derby girls were such inspiration and really knew how to get lit on their skates,” said Sophomore Claudia Derrick. “They were totally in sicko mode”

It’s always all fun and game until someone gets hurt, and it’s no different when it comes to skating in the gym at North Atlanta High School. With great power comes great responsibility, often too great for some skaters to handle. North has seen its fair share of broken bones and injuries from some clumsy skating. “I totally wrecked my clavicle my frosh year,” said Junior Grace McCaffrey. “But the fracture was totally worth it to shred some gym floor on the ole trusty skates.”

Roller skating at North Atlanta has its ups and downs, but students here can always rely on it for an exciting and fun experience. Whether kids want to coast around with their friends or take part in an intense NHL-like hockey game, North Atlanta has a place from them all. The skating unit has sadly come to a close this semester, but be ready come next semester. The skates will be back, the gym will be packed, and who knows, maybe there will be another surprise visit from some local skating celebrities?

Skating for a PE class? That’s just how the Dubs roll.