Watch Out World: North Atlanta Students Plan to Study Abroad Next Summer


Maddy Carter

It's A Small World After All: Junior Javier Manzanarez shows his excitement for all of the students participating in the 2019 study abroad programs.

While being a world-class traveler is just a dream for most people, it will soon become a reality for a lucky few North Atlanta students. Through CIEE, a student study abroad organization, these students were given the chance to apply for a variety of programs in countries all over the world. Some of these programs focus on language immersion, like the French study course in Paris, while others are more focused on specific aspects of a country’s culture, like the K-Pop program in South Korea.

In order to guarantee their spot, students have to go through an application process. While most applicants are accepted, the competition to get scholarships is intense. In addition, there is no guarantee that applicants will get their top destination either. “While getting all my paperwork and essays was time consuming, it wasn’t too difficult. I know that all this work will be worth it when I get to spend my summer abroad, hopefully studying French in Paris” said junior Javier Munoz.

These programs have become so popular because they allow students to immerse themselves in culture, brush up on their foreign language skills, and have some independence. While traveling hundreds of miles away from home can be daunting, most students are more excited by the opportunities they’ll have than nervous about being so far. “Of course I’m a little nervous, but I think it’s going to be so much fun. Most of my family speaks Chinese, and I’ve always wanted to go to Shanghai, so the Chinese language and culture immersion program really interested me,” said junior Fiona Liu.

While these students still have a long way to go until their programs start, they can now breathe a sigh of relief to be done with filling out their applications. This summer, the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport better get ready because these Warriors are ready to conquer the world.