Slam Poetry Club Helps Students Find Their Voice


Bailey Diamond

Beauty in Prose: Juniors Sydney Jones and Leah Overstreet are leaders of the North Atlanta Slam Poetry Club, a creativity-based organization designed to help students express themselves in various literary forms.

For many students, writing is a passion and a way of life. Poets and authors roam the halls, itching to put their words into the world. For these students, it can sometimes be hard to find a place to share and discuss poetry and writing. Thanks to the Slam Poetry Club, North Atlanta’s writers and poets will always have a place to call home.

Believe it or not, the new organization was founded as one student’s MYP project. When junior Sydney Jones was migrating through her sophomore year, she just knew such a club would be of benefit to many. Jones, a writer and poet, saw the need for an outlet for creative students like herself and sought to create a safe and supportive environment for students to  be able to express themselves freely. Above all, Jones wanted to create a place where students had the ability to not only learn, but grow as both writers and individuals. Today, the Slam Poetry Club has managed to do just that.

Constantly growing in numbers, the club is a beloved happening for its members. This year, the club has extended its talents to the rest of the school. The Slam Poetry club regularly holds events such as open mics which can be attended by the student body. For students thinking about joining the club, these serve as a great opportunity to get an idea of the poetry community.

For its members, the club is more than just a simple after-school activity, it’s a community and a group unlike any other. Members of the club constantly inspire and motivate each other to share their art and find the courage to stand confidently while reciting their work. Club members describe the organization as a tight-knight family, constantly growing and making each other better artists. “Slam poetry club is a really supportive and safe environment,” Jones said. “We’re always having a lot of fun and getting to learn more about each other as writers.”

The club is open to students of every level of experience. Whether you’re a casual writer or the next Maya Angelou, this club has a place just for you. For some students, slam poetry club is a place to learn about poetry and craft their style. For others, the club is a way to share work and just have fun. But, it’s safe to say that, for everyone, Slam Poetry Club is a way of life. The group meets every Tuesday in room 7114. Find your inner voice and get there.