Mid-Semester Transfers Numbers Grow


Mary Grace Ray

Hi! My Name Is: Junior Jackson Hamel and Fred Bruce deal with being transfer students and adjust to life in the rumble and tumble of a new eleven-story building.

North Atlanta is a place full of abundant opportunities such as strong sports, arts, and academic programs. Having such a great school with amazing possibilities, it is not a surprise that it tends to attract many new transfers excited to start the school year. However, this year we have new category of students: mid-semester transfers.

Transferring mid-semester is a whole other ball game of its own. It’s so much harder than entering at the beginning of the year because students already know who they will sit with and where or even what their next class is. Students who start second semester are thrown into the North Atlanta melting pot, struggling to adjust to their new school and how different it is from their last. “It was definitely hard transferring here mid-semester, but it was worth it,” said sophomore Cal Nailen. “North Atlanta is so unique and different. It’s really awesome.”

Another aspect of transferring that is difficult to adjust to is the size. Even if one comes from a larger private school, perhaps one where there are 100 people per grade, North Atlanta easily quadruples that number in any one grade level. In addition to this, adjusting to an 11-story school, which is normal for us, is a enormous feat for the transfer. “Having to figure out the crowded stairwells and elevators is really tough, especially coming from a school where one can leisurely walk to class,” said junior Jackson Hamel.

Despite the challenges that may come from transferring, North Atlanta is the place to be. With so many options at the fingertips here, just know that the difficulties are worth the adjustment. So North transfers, just know you’ll catch onto the Warrior way sooner or later, but until then the warfam has your back.