Is it Winter Fashion Slouch? Or Just Smart Styling?


Mary Grace Ray

Winter Shopping Wonderland: Students at North Atlanta debate the facts of fashion, whether it is in during the winter or if it's frozen over.

On the first day of school, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike step up their wardrobe choices to impress fellow Warriors, some of whom people may not have seen in months. But as the months go on and get progressively colder, the leggings, sweatpants, and even PJs are pulled out of the closet, leading to the inevitable cycle of how the dressier wardrobe choices for school are shut down by the tempting offer of a comfortable warm sweatshirt. This cycle causes a new question to enter the hallway gossip: Is dressing comfortable for school smart of just flat out lazy?

In the beginning of the year, most students dress up for the first few days, choosing their best pieces to show off to their classmates. However, an unwritten rule is that after the stress of school kicks in, the outfits get a pass. This is debated among students, however, no one judges you whether you dress up or not. “I think dressing comfortable for school is absolutely necessary,” said junior Logan Dansby. “I don’t judge people either because everyone’s had stressful days and weeks and the last thing they need is a snooty comment about their outfit.”

However, many people disagree and believe that students should dress up, even if they’re stressed with multiple assignments. Often times, people who take this position believe that by dressing better, one is setting up their day for more success. Also, another perk is that dressing nicer may help present North Atlanta in a positive light to prospective students at other schools, simply by how they dress. AP Human Geography teacher Ms. Brookins is famous for her comments to students in her class telling them to step up their outfits. “I think it’s crazy how no one dresses up anymore,” she said. “All my students do is wear leggings, but I do like how they don’t feel pressure to necessarily look a specific way.”

Whether in PJs or high heels, North Atlanta students know that making the effort to come to school with their work — that may or may not be completed — is what really counts. After all, fashion styles come and go, but your GPA stays with you forever.