Older Siblings Heading to College Leaves Younger Dubs Feeling Down


Nicole Spektor

Sibling Blues: Sophomore Sophie Yanoshik and senior Jack Yanoshik deal with mixed feelings over the older sibling's graduation this year.

For members of the Class of 2019, a soon-coming college year will be an exciting time of new discoveries and challenges. Perhaps lost in the midst of all these exciting post-high school chapters is this: the younger siblings left behind have to deal with the void created by their older sibling’s absence.  

Whether or not the effects of a brother or sister leaving home is good or bad, North Atlanta students have come to reflect on saying goodbye to their older sibling attending college.

Some students don’t fear that a college life will affect their relationship with their big sibling and are confident that the distance will only strengthen it. Many Warriors are even excited for their siblings to graduate from North Atlanta, and that they can move onto bigger and better things. “I’m sad that my sister’s leaving,” said sophomore Tyler Hankin. “But it’s really dope that she gets to go to a college she loves and live the dream.”

Some take the news of their sibling’s departure harder than others. They may feel as though their sibling leaving would be a huge adjustment for them. “I was so distraught when my big bro left,” said sophomore Graham Barnett. “He was more than my brother. He was my best friend. Plus I won’t get to hang with him and his cool friends anymore.”

A lot of younger siblings have more mixed feelings when dealing with their big brother or sister heading out of town for the new school year. While it comes with some pros, like moving into a new room or getting hand-me-down clothes, many Dubs also felt the cons of being left at home by themselves. “My favorite thing about my sister leaving is that I’m going to get her room and her whip,” said sophomore Claudia Derrick. “But I also may go into depression and cry while listening to XXX Tentacion and then think of the fact that X died and cry harder.”

Saying goodbye in life is never easy and it’s even harder among close siblings. But hey, for those left behind, look on the bright side: A way-cool road trip awaits you in the future and who knows what kind of fun you’ll have together two hours away from your parents?