Dual Enrollment: Double the School, Double the Cool


Nicole Spektor

Move On When Ready: Juniors at North Atlanta debate on whether they want to go the dual enrollment route, or onto a different program.

Dual Enrollment, a program which allows North Atlanta students to take college courses while remaining enrolled in high school, has always been a beneficial program for students who want to take more rigorous classes and get college credits, but who also want to still enjoy the high school experience.

Dual Enrollment or “The Move On When Ready” program allows juniors and seniors who are ready for the college experience to move on. The program aims to expand dual enrollment opportunities by increasing the number of courses students can take for college credit and removing financial barriers to increase student participation.

Junior Hasina Tisdale is dually enrolled downtown at Georgia State University in and she takes all of her classes at the downtown campus. Being a dual student has its ups and downs just like everything. Tisdale’s favorite part is that she is able to take whatever classes she wants, whenever she wants. Although being in an environment where Tisdale is by herself is one of the few downsides, she finds that it helps her step out of her comfort zone. “It opens the door for new friends and opportunities,” she said.

Not only is she taking all of her classes with the Panthers at Georgia State, Tisdale also uses her customized schedule to her advantage by doing other activities like volunteering at Garden Hills Elementary School, working at her job, and interning at Grady High School. “I was eager for the academic rigor of AP and IB classes, but I was also ready for the real-life college experience,” Tisdale said.

Senior Aida Elmaliki is also enrolled at GSU for her second semester enrolled and despite taking only three courses last semester, Elmaliki had to work hard to keep up with the rigor. Unlike Tisdale, Elmaliki enjoys the independence that comes with being a college student and having classes that are only an hour and fifteen minutes. With all of the newfound personal freedom, she has had a hard time seeing the downside of no tedious bag checks, no strict dress code, and an array of eateries in Atlanta. “I find that the teachers fully respect their students and everyone is there to learn so it has been a very enjoyable experience,” she said.

Dual Enrollment is a popular program among high schoolers that has only been available at North Atlanta for a few years. However, it has already gained so many participants and is only expected to grow further. It is a really good way to draw in more students who seek more rigorous classes and allow them to get a head start on college at the same time.