Arthouse or Bust Baby: Inside the Art Collective Taking North Atlanta by Storm


Arthouse ATL

House of Art: Seniors Gamble Cleary, Jameal Shotomide, Justin Lowe, and Amil Moore becomes models as the Art House event.

If you went to Arthouse, we can tell that you’re not like other girls… (and boys). You’re edgy and different and have a thing for good music and great art, but then again, who doesn’t? But in case you don’t have any idea what Arthouse is and or you’ve just emerged from beneath a rock, let me give you a little refresher. According to junior Mack Walker, an active member of the collective, says, “We are a creative collective. We focus on spreading creativity, love and positivity through art. We do a lot of the stuff in the community with art galleries and concerts.”

Arthouse 3 was held this year on the 1st of February. It was an all around great time, featuring art from young artists from around Atlanta. “I think it’s so cool to see a bunch of high school kids coming together and producing something organic and authentic and less censored,” said Ava Behan-Sahib, who attended the event this year. “It’s original art, music and clothes. It’s great to be able to support your own community and your peers.”

Unfortunately, it was cut short when the Atlanta Police Department shut it down because they had breached the maximum capacity for the venue. But the masterminds behind Arthouse did not let that hold them back. Almost immediately, plans for Arthouse 3 Volume 2 were in the works and, in less than a week, word had spread that Arthouse was being resurrected the following weekend. Volume 2 certainly did not disappoint, as the venue was much larger and featured all new artists. In addition, this Arthouse wasn’t shut down and artists like seniors Chris Robinson and Gamble Cleary — stage name “Uncle Bender” — were able to wow us with their musical talent. This redemption truly went above and beyond its predecessor with graffiti walls open to the general public, several clothing collections, and a literal hole in the wall from which you could buy concessions.

However, this isn’t the first or the last Arthouse. The collective was originally started in 2018 by Amil Moore (“KixHendrix”) and Justin Lowe (“JLenz”) as a way to become more involved with the Atlanta art scene. Moore has his own clothing line and Lowe does photography for famous rappers. They wanted to put their art on a bigger platform and allow other artists to express themselves and show their art. It’s safe to say they certainly have achieved this goal. “We love all the feedback we get from all the artists that get to showcase their work,” said Moore. “I love that so much. This makes me feel good like I’m doing something.”

Even still, they have big plans for Arthouse in the near future. According to Moore “We are working on expanding to different cities, linking up with promoters all over. We are trying to really expand in the next year or two.”

This is exciting news, to think that our very own have started something so influential and big. We can’t wait to see what they do next.