Say Yes to the Dress: Prom Edition


Lenox Johnson

Prom Prepared: North Atlanta students like junior Leah Overstreet carefully navigate through websites and stores to choose their prom dresses this year.

The thought of prom brings many things to mind: romance, good times, and most of all, the perfect dress. With the big day just around the corner, countless North Atlanta students have already started getting ready for the big night and so far, it seems like North Atlanta students are ready to dress to impress.

Finding the right dress is one of the hardest feats a high school girl can face. The process is different for everyone, and just like the every student, no dress is the same. Finding the perfect dress is an intense process, to say the least. Unsurprisingly, the search requires a great deal of time and dedication. Like many others, junior Emily Song has already found her red carpet attire for the big night. “Getting a dress for prom is a really big deal but I feel so relieved that I’ve already found my outfit.” she said. “It’s like a weight off of my shoulders. Now I can just focus on making the most of the night.”

Though the months leading up to prom night are a time for preparation, for some, finding a dress is far from a top priority. The stress of looking your best the day of the prom is monumental and this constant pressure sometimes leads attendees to put off buying an outfit simply to maintain peace of mind. “I haven’t even started looking yet, said junior Victoria Vuicich. “I know I should but I keep procrastinating because it’s just so stressful.”

Many students look forward to their prom night for years before it finally arrives. Such a coveted event requires the utmost attention to detail, presentation and style. There’s no rulebook for what a prom dress should look like, and as such, students are able to use this opportunity as a way to feed their self expression and make a statement. “I haven’t found a dress yet, but I know that I want to find something that says something about who I am,” said junior Fiona Liu. “That’s the best way for me to feel confident when prom night is finally here.”

Whether or not you’ve already found the perfect dress, what’s most important is making sure that whatever you’re wearing makes you feel confident and comfortable when the big day finally arrives. Some are still looking for that perfect dress, while others are having it tailored at this very second. Despite the ever-evolving intricacies of the search for the perfect dress, most high schoolers want just one thing: to finally say yes to the dress.