The Road (Often) Not Taken


Nicole Spektor

Reach for the Stars: Junior Elliot Reardon plans on pursuing a future music career through a combination of internships, networking, and making music real time.

In life there are tropes that we all follow, these tropes being named ‘Plan A’, ‘Plan B’ and ‘Plan C’. However, what happens when both Plan A and Plan B aren’t the paths you want to take anymore? In other words, when life is full of backup plans, what happens when your backup plan becomes priority?

From the first day of preschool students are taught to go to college, to get a degree, and to eventually start a family.  But what are the options for those of us who do not feel the need to follow that charismatic path? What are the options for those of us who are painters, artists and musicians?

Senior Zach Kepler believes that the college experience is washed out. “I’ve always known I was going to be an actor,” he said. “I’ve been in acting classes since I was little and my mom has always supported me.”

Kepler also find solace in the idea that academics were never for him. “I believe some people are just naturally more artistic than academic,” he said. “That doesn’t mean don’t try your best; I always think it’s important to succeed, but also focus on your talent.”

Junior Elliot Reardon wants to pursue a future in music production. “I know college is the practical option but I’ve been making music for about a year now,” he said. “I know I can be successful through internships at studios and networking with people who are in the position I eventually want to be in.”

As of now, Reardon plans to keep building his skill level through his research and environment. “I hope to learn from the people who came before me and the skills that brought them to where they are today, but with my own twist.”

As more students are turning to vocational training and the artsy side of life, many people are opening their eyes to the possibilities outside of the white picket fence (Although, life inside the fence is pretty cozy). Whether it’s painting, acting or even music production, remember this: you don’t have to be starving to be a starving artist.