End of Year Lethargy Plagues North Atlanta Students


Nicole Spektor

I Send the Swarm: Junior Lenox Johnson joins the rest of North Atlanta in the lazyitis that plagues the hallways until the end of May.

Every year, North Atlanta students kick off first semester with an exemplar work ethic and high motivation. For these warriors, absolutely nothing can get in the way of high achievement. Yet, as the months go by, temptation to get careless grows stronger and stronger. With summer vacation just within reach, North Atlanta students are determined to end the year on the right foot.

As a high schooler, there is truly no greater pleasure than kicking off your shoes and saying goodbye to the pressures of semester. Unfortunately, this luxury is rarely a reality. The of end of the calendar school year is by far one of the most vital portions of the school year, and the expectation for students to perform well grows with each passing day. They must endure finals, EOC exams, and constantly changing schedules, all while maintaining their grades. “The pressure really builds up in the last few weeks of school,” said junior Fiona Liu, “As much as I’d love to have no more work to do, it’s just not really a possibility.”

With summer vacation only four weeks away, every passing day feels like one step closer to sweet, sweet freedom. For all students, from kindergarten to senior year, summer is one of the most valued and long-awaited portions of the year. To live a life without stress, pressure, or high-expectations and instead dedicate time to personal activities, social life, and relaxation. The final weeks of school make summer feel so close, yet so far away. “I’m beyond excited for summer,” said junior Annabelle Sarkissian, “It’ll be so nice to not be so stressed out by work and grades all of the time.”

Ten months of school is quick to tempt a student to give in to the end of the year lethargy. In order to combat this temptation, North Atlanta students find all kinds of ways to stay motivated as the year comes to a close. For some, the key to ending the year off right is simply counting down the days until the end of the school year and prioritizing what needs to get done before it’s out. For others, staying motivated is a complete necessity to leave school with a passing grade. Yet, no matter what the situation, North Atlanta students always end the year with a bang.

When push comes to shove, students only want one thing: to close last semester the best they possibly can. Though motivation sometimes feels progressively grows harder to come by, absolutely nothing can phase North Atlanta students. Year after year, they manage to end the year stronger than ever, and this one will no doubt be no different.