North Atlanta Students Participate in the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park


Allison Shepard

A student attending the Dogwood Festival participates in the art activities set during the events.

There is no denying that North Atlanta is a high school filled with talented individuals who excel at numerous activities. At the 83rd Annual Dogwood Festival, artistically inclined students got the chance to showcase some of their best work. Juniors Sara Gayle Fife, Colin Brake, Charlie Olson, and Senior Kaitlyn Bates had some of their art presented at that event. The Dogwood Festival provides offers young artists an opportunity to compete, exhibit their work, and earn prizes such as scholarships and art supplies. The “must see” event drew 850 submissions this year, from which the best 149 works comprise the festival exhibition.

Even the art students who did not get the chance to have their art displayed, showed their talents in different ways. The “Throwdown” is  Atlanta’s Interscholastic High School Art Competition, where for a small fee, competitors battle other artists in creative and fun challenges that highlight different artistic areas of expertise. The school team checked in and was welcomed by an orientation that described the activities that will take place.

From observational figure drawing- where students had to relay draw the model Michael O’Connell in an abstract way- to face to face single elimination portraiture- where students participate in 4-minute heats of drawing their opponents- and finally one of the most stressful competitions; the contestants had a short time of 30 minutes to portray Superintendent Meria Carstarphen in the medium, or art supply, of their choice. The winner Yu Xi, a junior at your very own North Atlanta, left everyone else in her dust with her shaded portrayal of Dr. Carstarphen. “I honestly wasn’t expecting to win,” said Xi. “There was so much talent competing; I’m honored to have been named the best.”

However, this festival is not just for students who can create masterpieces out of anything they can get their hands on. It’s also good for those who like to admire art or even just spend their weekends outdoors. Sophomore Lily Jones went to the festival and was stunned by the beauty of some of the art.  “There was this artist who carved musicians into old vinyl records, and it was one of the most creative and original things I’ve ever seen.” she said. “I was in awe; I couldn’t peel my eyes off of them.”

With its many activities, competitions, and exhibits, the Dogwood Festival managed to put on a great show while entertaining and amazing everyone who came. It further demonstrated how talented and creative the students at North Atlanta really are, but of course everyone already knew that.