The Online School Experience


Nicole Spektor

Virtual School: Senior Caroline Tuelmer browses through the Atlanta Virtual Academy that many other North Atlanta students take over the summer.

Ugh, It’s another school day. You get up and start to get ready, but wait, you realize you don’t have to go anywhere at all. You throw away the backpack, incinerate your binders and curl up by your laptop, ready to start your classes online. In recent years, North Atlanta students have been reaping the benefits of the technological age with online schooling. Whether it’s just a class or two in the summer or a commitment during the school year, the Dubs are tackling their academic responsibilities by knocking out classes via the internet.

Some Warriors have been prospering from online classes during the school year. Senior Kate Morris takes the majority of her classes online, only coming to North Atlanta for a few periods each day. “I really enjoy taking my classes online,” said Morris. “It gives me a ton of freedom and I really love how I can do school on my own time.”

For many Dubs, online classes are an awesome way to cover required classes through the summer. Whether it’s just an online health class or maybe even a science or math course, Warriors have historically turned to the summertime to get their online school started. “I took an online course in the summer,” said Junior Ansley Baker. “It was actually not very hard and it was so nice to get the credit done.”

However, there is always a level of responsibility that comes with agreeing to take courses online, especially over a fun and busy summer. Procrastinators beware, cramming in a course at the end of July is not a great way to end your summer break. “I procrastinated all summer,” said Senior Emily Howe. “I was able to finish in the last two weeks but I wanted to pull my hair out by the end of it.”

Unfortunately for eager Dubs, online courses are not as widely available for sign up for this upcoming summer break. Whether it’s logistics, funding, success rate, or even student advocating for online school, the virtual class route is no longer open for summer break. “I really wanted to get physics over with this summer,” said sophomore Graham Barnett. “Now I don’t have room in my schedule for minimum day or classes I’m actually interested in.”

Online courses are a big commitment for Warriors but come with serious benefits. Even though online courses are no longer available this summer, hopefully they will be back in action for upcoming summers. Whether it is a brief course or a multiple class commitment, go online Dubs!