Rho Kappa takes Historic Field Trip to State Capitol


Governor Kemp

Rho(d) to Leadership: The Rho Kappa group takes a photo with Governor Brian Kemp at the Georgia State Capitol.

Rho Kappa has made a historic move: an exclusive field trip to the state capitol. Led by founder and president junior Annie Weber, as well as their club sponsor and AP World History Teacher Caitlin Tripp, this young cohort of history fanatics and bright minds recently visited the Georgia State Capitol building, enriching their knowledge of government from both the past and present. Rho Kappa, or the National Social Studies Honors Society, aims to recognize and encourage excellence in the field of social studies and what better way to do this than to get a first hand experience at our very own state capitol.

On March 8, thirty-seven eager Rho Kappa students piled into their cars and headed down town towards the state capitol. Their field trip entailed meeting Governor Kemp, sitting in on the Senate in session, touring the Senate and the House, and even a scavenger hunt throughout the capitol. “Students were able to see their government in action and meet one of their representatives and other leaders,” said Tripp. “So they were able to feel the reality of their government instead of it being abstract.”

But how was the North Atlanta chapter of Rho Kappa able to secure such an informational and fun visit to the state capitol? After all, not many cubs at NAHS can say they have a selfie with the governor. As Rho Kappa president and founder, Weber has many responsibilities with the club and had to extensively plan the field trip. Secretary of Rho Kappa, junior Larkin Rief, also has a close family connection with Governor Kemp and was able to coordinate logistics via emails with his schedulers. “We exchanged a long line of emails over a couple of weeks.” said Rief. “I had to change the date a couple times but I’m really glad we pulled it off.”

The educational aspects of Rho Kappa’s excursion to the state capitol were countless. Not only were students able to see government first hand and sit in on a real live senate session, they were also able to hear many important testimonies and talks about very relevant issues in government. Afterwards, the students were able to meet and talk with Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan and ask important questions that ranged from abortion to universal healthcare to gun control. “I really enjoyed talking to Senator Jen Jordan because she was super nice and able to discuss relevant issues,” said junior Lily Mason. “She helped reinforce the importance of voting and being aware and involved in politics.”

Rho Kappa has been making historical moves since the North Atlanta chapter was established late last school year. WIth great leaders and fun excursions like these, Rho Kappa is able to help those passionate in social studies learn about history from both the past and government of the present.