Black Excellence At North Atlanta


Successful Students: Juniors Janejha Jones, Skye Walker and Kennedy Johnston are role models in the community.

North Atlanta High School is overflowing with black excellence. As a school of entrepreneurs, Ivy League acceptees and GHP finalists, our school clearly isn’t lacking when it comes to exceptional African-American students. “NAHS has such a strong culture of black excellence and their is such a visible and thriving community of supportive and talented black individuals within the school,” said Lenox Johnson, one of six GHP finalists hailing from our school, four of which are black.

The other black GHP finalists are junior Shania Baker, sophomore Mia Johnson and junior Leah Overstreet. Officially known as the Governor’s Honors Program is a month-long, immersive summer program geared towards students who exhibit a strong interest and passion for an academic or artistic area of study. Out of the 3,000 applicants, only about 600 are accepted into this program. “It feels amazing to be able to represent black women in agriculture and environmental science,” said Shania Barker who was accepted into the Agricultural Science Program.

Black excellence can especially be found in the school’s senior class. All three of our schools Ivy League Accepted seniors are African-American. Devon Gates was accepted into a joint program with Harvard and Berkeley College of Music where she will be able to earn a Bachelor’s Degree at Harvard and a Master’s Degree at Berkeley. Clarke Peoples was accepted into Columbia and Sherman Golden was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania and was wait-listed at Yale University.

Additional examples of black excellence at North Atlanta include senior Samaira Wilson who received the Posse Scholarship to Bard College. Juniors Soleil Golden and D.J. Roman are members of the high school chapter of the Harvard Debate Team. Juniors Kennedy Johnston and Skye Walker have both started their own business.

This being said, the celebration of black excellence does not necessarily negate the excellence of other races. It is important that the achievements of African American students at North Atlanta are given recognition. “Seeing my fellow black peers thriving is so inspiring and motivating to see someone like you succeed,” said Johnston.

Being able to see other black students celebrated and acknowledged for their hard work and success can serve as an important source of inspiration for their peers. Clearly, excellence comes in all shades and colors at North.