The Mysterious Stank on the 9th Floor


Maddy Carter

Foul Smells: Juniors Sam Harrigan and Graham Lee try to ignore the stench that plagues the ninth floor.

It is often said that you never know what you got until it’s gone. Who knew that for the North Atlanta warriors this would be the comfort of fresh air? Any Dub who was ventured up toward the 8th or 9th floor has noticed the unmistakable and distinct smell lofting through the hallway. Unfortunately for Warriors, this very pungent odor has been around for the last few weeks, but luckily has been letting up. Students at North Atlanta are puzzled as to what the source of this smell is and are left to deal with the stank as they make their way too and from their classes.

Warrior’s have smelled the foul stench every time they pass by the 9th floor. Students have described the smell as a variety of things, but whatever it is, it’s not pleasant. “It smells like doo doo with a hint of fish flavored air freshener,” said junior Mia Barbieri. “We need it fixed, and fast.”

The mysterious smell affects Warrior’s in different ways. While the stank is mostly isolated to the hallways along 8th and 9th floor, many students are still heavily affected by the odor. “The smells gives me a headache and overwhelms all my senses,” said sophomore Caroline Grice. “It makes me nauseous while I’m already out of breath from walking up all these stairs.”

The North Atlanta has been working their hardest to combat the smell in any way that they can. Operations manager Jason Bross, his team, and many other hard working individuals have tried to locate and combat the source in a variety of different ways from searching the ceiling, checking the plumbing and drains, and even examining the A/C system. After weeks of working the faculty was unable to identity the source but worked to fight the smell by applying drain cleaner and treating the air conditioning. “’I’ve been in building maintenance for 25 years and it’s one of those crazy things you can’t determine,” said Bross. “We speculated many things of what it was but we tried everything we could to make it go away.”

Whatever it is, Dubs are not very ecstatic about the smell that resides around the 9th floor and seemingly moves throughout the building, but remain grateful of the work the staff puts in to make their school days smell a little better. With only a weeks left before summer, Warriors only have a couple more days to brave the stench as they move throughout their classes. Regardless of their odorous obstacles, go Dubs!