Say Goodbye to the Easy Accessible Media Center


Dennis Racket

Ticket In: Freshman Lauren Dunnell is ready for access to the Media Center with a properly filled out pass.

It used to be easy to go to the media center for a quick study session before a big test, to go down and check out a book, or use the computers to look up a thing or two. However, now because of the students with less work ethic (sometimes also known as delinquents) who use the media center to skip class everyone who goes down to the library needs a pass from a teacher and a definite reason to be there.

The media center is one of the nicest places in the school. With the big comfy couches, endless amounts of seats, computers to do work or play games if you are that kind of student, and more importantly tables and tables of silence. This makes a great place to hang out instead of going to class. To prevent young delinquents from skipping class in the nicest place, the quiet now comes at a cost: one pass from a teacher.

Many scholarly students go down to the library and get sent back to get a pass from a teacher, this is just a precautionary measure to make sure students don’t try any funny business. “My friend and I were going down to the library during lunch to study before our test in third period and when Ms. McCall sent us back to get a pass, I was surprised and confused because we used to go down to study all the time,” said sophomore Lucy Grey Shields.

The librarians all have a sharp eye on their territory that can spot fake passes and would never and could never fall for a white lie or a sob story that a student makes up on the way to the media center. So skippers beware, you will get caught. So go to class; it can’t be that bad. You might even learn something.