Junior Mack Walker Lands Select Spot in NYU Summer Film Program


Cepeda Kilgore

Gotham Bound: Junior Mack Walker will receive invaluable screenwriting experience through a prestigious summer film studies program.

Movies are an extremely popular phenomenon that families, couples, and individuals all around the world enjoy. They are a date night, a sunday afternoon with your siblings, and even an evening alone with a bowl of popcorn in front of your TV. We all, at some point, have laughed or cried or screamed at a screen because of the events taking place on it, which is why it is important to acknowledge all those that go into the process. Including a student among the North Atlanta student body: junior Mack Walker.

Walker was recently accepted into the New York University Tisch Summer Film Workshop, a highly competitive four-week program based in The Big Apple itself: New York City. Similar to that of an undergraduate degree program, students spend spend eight hours a day, five days a week working on film study and developing skills in various areas, be that their strengths or their weaknesses. From screenwriting to sound editing and even directing movies themselves, they collaborate with other talented young professionals from all around the world.  “I’ve always wanted to pursue film,” said Walker. “And this program facilitates exactly that.”

The program, however, is not an easy feat to get into nor is it simple to undertake during its duration. The application process includes short answers questions about the students’ favorite movies as well as the importance of film safety and an included resume with past experiences. “Having gotten into a film program at UCLA last summer really helped me with the process. I actually had experience I could use,” said Walker.

Not only was the UCLA summer program a strong motivating factor into Walker’s acceptance into the program, but his extensive spreadsheet of other film-related work also contributed. From making a short film called “The Painter’s Daydream” to working with VOX Atlanta as an audio and video content editor, Walker was no novice to the film world. “It’s less about everything I’ve done and more of how much I’ve enjoyed it along the way,” said Walker.

Starting in July, the $12,000 program will be welcoming Mack Walker for a full month where he will work on developing his skills as a screenwriter. He looks forward to a successful summer where he can network and hopefully create another short film that he can share with the world.