Pre-College Summer: Graduating Seniors Take On The Summer


Deanna Hasty

Euro Bound: A contingent of North Atlanta students went on a whirlwind trip of Europe in early-June with a principle emphasis on seeing the D-Day beaches on the 75th anniversary of the event. Among the travelers were top row (l to r) seniors Anton Mertens, Jorge de Artistegui, Jack Allaman and junior Yasiah Jamison. Bottom row: Dana Hasty.

It’s no secret that the senior class of 2019 is not afraid to have fun. From class parties to a blow-out prom the seniors had a year full of fun, memories, and senior-year activities to take away the senior-year stress. However, what happens when school is out? In other words, how does North Atlanta’s class of 2019 plan to take the summer?

Picture this: It’s an all-American summer. The smell of sunscreened and sunburned teens lingers in the air as the weather gets hotter and the air gets humid. For the class of 2019, the summer is their last breath of fresh air before responsibilities and stress introduce them to college life.

Senior Kadijah Jones is just one of the cohort of seniors joining Dr. Deanna Hasty on a trip around Europe, exploring the history behind D-Day on a trip being named the North Atlanta D-Day trip. “In June I’ll be going to England, France and Germany with Dr. Hasty, Jorge de Artistegui, Chloe Van Nort and many others,” said Jones. “We’ve been planning this trip for over a year so I’m very excited that it’s actually happening.”

Where does her excitement stem from? “The French men,” says Jones. “I’m extremely enthusiastic to eat food and flirt with the beautiful French men named Jean Pierre. Of course, I’m also excited to experience the culture.”

Senior Deandre Brown is looking forward to a summer of fun in the Caribbean. “My friends and I will be going on a five day trip to every island in the Caribbean,” said Brown. “I’m going to eat so much food, I plan on gaining at least 30 pounds.”

Before Brown goes to college at Georgia State in the fall, he plans on going to Niagara Falls to celebrate the end of his high school career. “I’ve always wanted to go to NIagara Falls. I have no idea why, I just think it’s so beautiful.”

As far as summer goes, the seniors of the class of 2019 are excited to have one last summer of fun before adulthood is a necessity. From cruises in the Caribbean to European tours and everywhere in between: North Atlanta seniors know how to have fun.