Diving into the Depths of the North Atlanta Lake


Lake Life: Juniors Benjamin Jennings and Avi Hunter enjoy the scenic views

People often marvel at the North Atlanta campus. Being the tallest public school in the Southeast, many are astounded by its 11 stories, colorful floors, unique architecture, industrial grade elevators, and other impressive feats. However, one of the most interesting features of this campus doesn’t have to do with what’s inside the building. In fact, this feature is below the school: the lake. 

NAHS is one of the few schools that can say that such a noteworthy body of water flows under their very building. Warriors have enjoyed this elegant change in scenery since moving into the new building in 2013. The lake at North Atlanta provides Dubs with scenic views, a connection of wildlife, and a unique campus unlike any other. 

With such a prominent feature on campus, legends and myths are bound to arise. The mystery about what’s in the deep depths of the North Atlanta pond vary from the Loch Ness Monster to secret passageways to other dimensions. “I think that honestly bikini bottom could be down there,” said junior Benjamin Jennings. “If not I bet you could find the portal to Narnia.”

Besides the legends, the luscious scenery can offer many benefits to students. With large floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every classroom, students can enjoy a scenic eyeshot as they work diligently in their classrooms. “Looking at the serene waters definitely helps me focus,” said junior Eve Smith. “I love the pop of color the pollen adds to the classroom environment.”

Last but not least, the aquatic surroundings of North Atlanta high school expose students to a variety of plants and animals. For example, the very popular turtles that can be seen sunbathing any given day are either River Cooters or Common Snapping Turtles. These facts came from former North Atlanta biology teacher. “I really do love the River Cooters,” said junior Avi Hunter. “It’s cool when I catch a glimpse of them between classes. It makes me wish I was on the log with them.”

The North Atlanta Warriors reap the benefits of being located so close to the Chattahoochee River that supplies the small lake they call their own. Not only does the lake add to the visual aesthetic of North Atlanta High School, but the flora and fauna encourages students to take pride in their campus. Not to mention, those turtles definitely make any Warrior’s day a shell of a lot better.