The Turtles that Shell-Shock the North; An Inside Look at the River Cooter

Terrific Turtles: North Atlanta turtles love soaking up the sun on logs in the river!

Terrific Turtles: North Atlanta turtles love soaking up the sun on logs in the river!

It’s about time the iconic turtles of North Atlanta High School finally get their claim to fame. Any Dub can tell you of the countless times they have walked through the hallway and, with a casual glance, spot a turtle sunbathing on a log and instantly become overjoyed. Multiple species of turtles and a variety of wildlife call the North Atlanta pond their home. While an occasional Common Snapping Turtle can be spotted from the many floors of North Atlanta, the River Cooters can’t help but steal the show. These aquatic animals, native to eastern and central United States, ultimately captivate the Warriors and immensely deserve recognition for the spark they put into Dubs culture. Life without them would simply be a turtle disaster. 

The River Cooters are truly an icon for the North Atlanta Warriors. They are most known for chilling out on a fallen log or casually taking a swim through the murky waters at the center of the Dubs’ campus. “River Cooters are very cool,” said junior Jack O’kelley. “Probably because they’re always booling on their little tree stump.” 

River Cooters connect Warriors to a greater sense of nature and the environment. These freshwater turtles belong to the Emydidae family and expose students to the beauty of wildlife. “River Cooters are honestly like my spirit animal,” said junior Graham Barnett. “I want to learn more about them and sometimes I wish I was a River Cooter.” 

With all this press surrounding the turtles, River Cooters have risen to a celebrity status. There is even underground chatter that they will become the unofficial mascot. “That’d be sick if the River Cooters became an unofficial, almost second mascot for the Warriors,” said junior Chris Lee. “I see those cool turtles every day but I don’t always see a real Warrior.” 

The turtles at North Atlanta are obviously in high praise. They offer students fun sights to see between classes and exposure to the complexities of wildlife. River Cooters are a distinct parts of Dubs culture — something we can all shell-abrate.