Annual College Fair Sparks Excitement Among Students


Casey Christenson

Smart Students: Students walk around to multiple stations to see which college suits their fancy

College Fair. A cornucopia of opportunity. A breeding ground for anxiety. A jungle of hormones and unrealized dreams. One might spot a wild junior in their natural habitat, scurrying about the gym, desperately trying to meet as many admissions officials as possible. Or perhaps you’ll come across a gaggle of seniors crowding around the University of Georgia booth. No matter the flora and fauna of the College Fair, it’s always an event for the ages. 

  This high school phenomena is an annual occurrence meant to give juniors and seniors an opportunity to learn about colleges across the United States. Some students, usually of the 11th grade grade variety, utilize this event in order to learn about colleges they may be interested in. Meanwhile, seniors take this time to become better acquainted with the admissions officials of the schools they are in the process of applying to. 

This year, the College Fair was held on Friday, Sept. 20. Our school hosted a diverse selection of colleges and universities from Alabama to USC to Georgia State. Luckily for us, NAHS happens to be one of the most renowned schools in the state and we have an impeccable reputation among university officials. According to our friendly neighborhood College and Career Center, college admissions people from all over the country have been contacting the school in order to attend this event. North Atlanta’s apparent popularity was certainly exemplified at this year’s fair which had 174 colleges in attendance. 

This event is so popular among students that some members of the senior class have even wondered why the school doesn’t host the event not only at the beginning of the year, but the end of it as well. “I would have loved a chance to get another look at colleges before beginning college applications,” said senior Fiona Liu. 

Getting to know a college is an integral part of the college application experience and many students find it difficult to connect with a school via their website alone. That being said, modern-day college hopefuls have access to more information and help than ever before. With innovations like 3D virtual tours, online application hubs like Common App, and even Youtubers giving step by step details of their college experiences, seniors have significant advantages not afforded to past generations. 

Even still, the instinctual desire for face to face connection creates a need for events such as the College Fair. With such a great event each year here, there is no doubt our juniors and seniors will be well prepared for college application season.