Reinventing Trends: North Atlanta Teacher Fashion

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By now it’s no secret that your style says a lot about you. From the moment someone lays eyes on your outfit, they are already subconsciously judging you. As new fashion movements rock our generation, many North Atlanta students are beginning to develop innovative styles, leaving the traditional outfit options behind. However, many forget that the students aren’t the only ones with expressive fashion senses. North Atlanta teachers have had to find a delicate balance between their personal styles and workplace attire that is highly impressive, appropriate, and praiseworthy.

Amy Shilling, a Theory of Knowledge teacher here at North Atlanta, is known for her eclectic and self-described “goth-punk-retro” look. Typically opting for predominantly black outfits, she tries to look teacher appropriate without looking like a traditional teacher. With a buzzcut to match her edgy fashion sense, Shilling’s style is certainly a standout among the North Atlanta faculty. True to herself, she tends to dress very similarly out of school, although, she says, “My makeup tends to be a little more intense, if you can imagine.”

Another North Atlanta faculty member that puts some extra pizzazz into her school-day attire is world history teacher Caitlin Tripp, the school’s current Teacher of the Year. Aiming for a “Ms. Frizzle vibe,” she goes the extra mile reflecting what the class is learning for the day in her attire. Known for outfits like her hieroglyphics dress on Egyptian days and judge gown, wig, and gavel for the trial of Genghis Khan, no look is too precise or historically accurate for Tripp. On days where she is not meticulously on-subject, she tries to keep her attire very cheerful to match the demeanor of her room, and can usually be found wearing her signature flowered Rifle Paper Co. lanyard or Frieda Kahlo earrings. “I do use clothing as a form of expression, but I don’t know if you could call it fashion,” she said with a laugh. 

Other noteworthy teacher fashion role models are D’Andre McPhail with his fresh haberdashery or Deanna Hasty with her Crocs of many colors. 

In a school seemingly ruled by teenage fashion trends, teachers seemingly have had to go above and beyond to be noticed for their stylistic selections. With the amount of thought they simply put into what they are wearing, it is no wonder that our dedicated teachers are so great at what they do. They proudly show that you can express yourself in a professional way, setting a great example for all of their students. One thing’s for sure: these teachers are not old school.