New Ping Pong Club Serves Up a Good Time for Students


Max Ramos

Ready for Pong: Have rackets. Will travel – to play Ping Pong. The founders of the North Atlanta Ping Pong Club Pearce Dillon and Seth Fagin are always seeking tables to play their favorite game.

North Atlanta has a seemingly endless amount of clubs and activities, everything ranging from academic to environmental. However, the school has always been lacking a ping pong club — until this year. Juniors Seth Fagin and Pearce Dillon realized that their passion for ping pong was not represented, so they went ahead and created their own club.

The newly formed Ping Pong Club currently meets every Thursday in 10161. Inside literature teacher Lee Lundy’s room. The club — still in its infancy — has an important first-priority that will really get things pinging around: specifically to purchase some Ping Pong tables. “I’m excited to finally get this club started,” said Fagin. “I’m hungry for the competition and can’t wait to compete. I love the game.”

Even if you are a less experienced player, the Ping Pong club can still be a place for you. The veteran players will be giving newcomers lessons and tips to improve their game and become better overall players.  “We want this club to be a place for new players to be able to learn about the art of Ping Pong and be able to improve while having fun with their friends,” said Dillon.

The club plans on hosting tournaments for all players to compete and win prizes as well as holding some intramural tournaments and obtaining some custom North Atlanta equipment, too. These tournaments can hopefully provide a base to join the high school table tennis league. “Ping pong is a fun casual game that will promote healthy competition among students,” said Lundy, the teacher sponsor for the club.

Although the club is still in development, there is an ample amount of interest in the creation of the club. Imagine a particular frustration at school that needs some healthy working out. The slams and strikes of a spirited Ping Pong match will surely make your frustrations melt away. For a smashing good time, look to join the North Atlanta Ping Pong Club.