Underage Tattoos: Vice and Virtue in Ink


Funky Ink: North Atlanta students love their tattoos!

Tattoos are an avenue of artistic freedom utilized by many to permanently display important memories, dates, or just silly doodles. For many students at NAHS, tattoos are a way to express themselves and display their individualism to others. However, how are these underaged tattoos acquired? From professional quotes to stick-and-poke crescent moons, the students of NAHS tell all about their underaged tattoo expressions. 

There are many avenues to go about in order to get a tattoo. For many underaged students, the easiest of these options is simply to take the DIY route — with a ball-point pen — and apply some an inconspicuous doodle on some unsuspecting limb and call it a day. However, the law in Georgia states that minors must be accompanied by; and have parental permission in order to receive a professional tattoo service. That’s right freshmen, there’s no going around mom on this one. 

Senior Jalen Worthy took the high road when procuring a tattooed quote on his ribcage. “I would always recommend getting a tattoo done professionally,” he said. “Although stick-and-pokes are cool, if you want a more in-depth design it’s always better to go to a shop and get it done.” 

The process wasn’t as painstaking at the tattoo, says Worthy. “All I had to do was bring in my mom so that she could verbally approve, and we both gave our ID’s and that was the end of it,” he said. “It was the least painful part of my entire appointment.”

Senior Cecilia Affer is a self-proclaimed stick-and-poke connoisseur. “They’re just the most convenient way to get a tattoo done,” she said. “As long as you’re in the right state of mind and have completely sanitized utensils, stick-and-pokes are the best way to get tattoos hands down.”

Parental permission was the last thing on Affer’s mind during the process. In fact, she said she got full support from home. “My parents don’t really care about tattoos,” she said. “In fact when I showed my dad he said he wanted one too.” 

Whether it’s a do-it-yourself Tumblr-inspired heart on your ankle, a professional “Live, Laugh, Love” on your forearm, or a professional cover-up of an old stick-and-poke (Oops!), always remember: Like the memories, these tattoos last forever.