New Sports Exercise and Health Sciences Class Opens New Study Path


Ms. Joyner Has Got Your Back: New IB Sports Exercise and Health Science is a hit with the student body

There are many new classes at North Atlanta High School for the 2019-2020 school year. Among these are IB Sports Exercise and Health Sciences with a new teacher, Tracy Joyner. The curriculum consists of the disciplines of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition. North Atlanta students are elated to finally have a new science class to choose from, and there are a whopping 90 students enrolled in the class’s inaugural year.

The main purpose of adding this class to the IB curriculum was to introduce an option to take a more specific science than chemistry, biology or physics. It is being offered in the following ways: standard level, and a higher-level IB course. Many Warriors taking the class play sports and are interested in how their bones and muscles play a part in their athletic ability. The course also highlights learning about the types of injuries that can occur during practices or games. Others are taking this class because they are planning to pursue a career in medicine. 

“I took this class in hopes of learning more about the injuries that could happen playing football therefore trying to prevent them,” said junior Jack O’Kelley.

Joyner is a 17-year teaching veteran and prior to coming to North she was teaching at Maynard Jackson. She said she was excited to start at North Atlanta and even finds that her long commute to work from Henry County is worth it to teach at her new school. She also loves to teach about sports exercise because it plays a big role in her personal life. Health is a priority for her type of lifestyle, and she wants to pass it on to her many new students at North Atlanta.  She can’t wait to bring her new teaching styles and bright mind to this new position. “The commute might be long, but it is worth it because sports medicine is such a passion of mine,” said Joyner. 

To say that Warriors enjoy this class would be an understatement. From learning about muscles to dissecting raw chicken wings, this class is anything but boring. If you want to learn all things sports exercise and health sciences, Ms. Joyner has got your back.