North Atlanta’s Slam Poets Reach New Heights


Sophie Peck

Words with Power: Seniors Leah Overstreet, Sydney Jones, and Elise Hollimon share their love of poetry

Wam, Bam, Poetry Slam! Slam Poetry club is back and better than ever, armed with big plans and even bigger poems. This year, the aspiring poets of North Atlanta aim to bring their club to new heights. To showcase their talented crew, Slam Poetry will be hosting an open mic night, as well as entering the famed Poetry Out Loud competition. 

Slam Poetry club has become a place for the poetic voices of North Atlanta to be heard, inviting students to come and share their self-written poetry. This space was created for students to explore their writing voice and express their emotions. Senior Sydney Jones, the club’s founder, hopes to spread its message throughout the school community while strengthening the talents of its active members. “Things like Open Mic Night will be a chance to invite the community to sing or recite which is really important for artists like us to grow and gain experience,” she said.

The open mic night, which is scheduled to take place on Nov. 20, is just one of the many opportunities that members and non members are able to take advantage of. Teacher sponsor Matthew Lundy is a huge supporter of the club, recognizing the importance of self-expression through this medium. “We can connect and relate to problems with the people around us through poetry,” he said. “Because of this, we don’t have to feel alone.”

Another goal of the club for this year is to expand its reach by participating in the Poetry Out Loud competition at the Atlanta History Center. If a member of the North Atlanta group wins at this local level, he or she would then advance to the national level in Washington, D.C., Jones, who has grown this club over the span of three years, is enthusiastic about these new chances to establish North Atlanta as a major poetic power in Georgia. “Poetry Out Loud is another opportunity for us to practice our recitation, and I want as many members as possible to participate because we represent North Atlanta’s poets.”

For these poets, the sky’s the limit. If you are looking for a place to amplify your voice and gain valuable public speaking-performing experience, Slam Poetry is certainly the place for you.