North Atlanta “Vote for your Future” Group Helps Students Register to Vote


Dennis Racket

Ballot Boosters: Seniors Fiona Liu and Lenox Johnson are part of a school-based organization that’s pushing first-time voters at North to exercise their voice over local, state and national election races.

The right to vote is a highly anticipated right of passage for many high school students. In the state of Georgia, citizens are able to register to vote when they are 17 and a half, a fact that students are typically unaware of. A new group, Vote for Your Future NAHS, is helping of-age students register to vote. 

Younger generations historically have had the lowest rates of voter turnout for elections nationwide. Whether it is because of genuine disinterest, lack of awareness, or inability to make it to the polls, the overall reason for such low turnout is unclear, but the ultimate solution to this age-old problem is getting young people registered and motivated to cast their vote. This new movement — co-founded by seniors Lenox Johnson and Fiona Liu — are trying to do just that by holding voter registration drives every other Friday. “A lot of people think that registering to vote is this convoluted undertaking,” Liu said. “By bringing voter registration to the students of North Atlanta we hope to make the process as convenient as possible.” 

The 2020 elections will be here before we know it, and increasing youth voter turnout is a priority for many. In order for democracy to run successfully, it is paramount that eligible citizens exercise their constitutional right to vote. The brains behind Vote for Your Future carry this same attitude in their work, where they encourage students to participate in the government by voting. “This generation is probably one of the most politically opinionated populations in the US right now,” said Liu. “So its extremely important that this passion continues further when people are eligible to vote.”

Vote for Your Future will begin registering students on Oct. 7 and will be available every other Friday in the lobby and the cafeteria from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. and during lunch. Voting turnout among teens may have been low in the past, but organizations like these are turning these statistics around. Next stop: the polls!