Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Bringing Powder Puff back to What Matters


Go Fight Win: Have Warriors forgotten the roots fo the cherished Powder Puff tradition?

Go! Fight! Win! Well, maybe not the fight part, right? Traditionally, the annual Powder Puff football game has been an electrifying event known for the unifying Warriors and a focal point for Dub culture. But over the years, have Warriors lost track of what really matters?

It’s obvious that Powder Puff is one of the most cherished events at North Atlanta since its creation in 2011. Fans and parents of all grades come out to support the school and its great students, showing an ultimate display of Warrior Pride. “Powder Puff is so important because it allows girls of all grades to come together and lift their spirits,” said junior Graham Barnett. “It’s truly so fun and allows us to express ourselves.”

Sadly, some of the things that make this event so great have been changing over the years. Unsportsmanship takes fun and legitimacy away from such a great tradition. “My freshman year, there was one tackle and everyone was talking about what a huge deal it was,” said senior Grace McCaffrey. “Now there are multiple tackles a game and no one says anything. I thought this was supposed to be flag-football.” 

Injuries are one of the biggest, yet most easily avoidable concerns. Athletes, such as junior track star and powder puff MVP Madison Flemming, love to participate in powderpuff but have some concerns with this. “I love Powder Puff so much and getting to be apart of a team,” said Fleming. “But I am a little nervous to play, especially if I get the track scholarships I’m working towards.” 

Luckily, these small problems with such a big event are easily fixable. Several student groups such as Student Government are already making plans to increase the safety and enjoyment that comes from the annual flag-football game. “We want to take steps to ensure the fun and safety of this event for years to come,” said junior and SGA vice president Brendan Weinbaum. “We want to have more refs and even an interest meeting next year to go over guidelines with the players.” 

Powder Puff is a vital part of North Atlanta culture and is not going anywhere. However, it is important to understand that some things need to change so everyone can enjoy this event for the future. Go Dubs, and Go Fight Win for Powderpuff… but let’s leave out the fighting next time.