Hitting the Runway and the Books: A Look Into North Atlanta’s Models


Phipps Plaza PR

Model Student: Junior Easton Davis walks the runway at a Phipps Plaza fashion show.

We all know that there are model students at North Atlanta, but did you know that there are students who are models? A select few North Atlanta students are starting careers in the modeling industry at an early age. These tall, stunning students leave everyone they pass by wishing they were them, strutting down the hallways with confidence that could kill and style that the Kardashians would envy. 

Junior Easton Davis is a force to be reckoned with on the runway, so don’t underestimate her because of her youthful age. Her modeling career started around a year ago when she signed with KStarr Management, an Atlanta-based modeling agency. With lean lines and five-feet-eleven stature, her “runway-ready” look had actually garnered the attention of other agencies in prior years. Davis said she loves how her colleagues treat her as their equal even though she is still in high school. Beyond that, there’s the inherent glamor of the job that involves prep work on hair style, makeup, and other variables necessary for a successful photo shoot. She said her favorite event is the annual Phipps Plaza fashion show which is held each year in the summer in the high-end retail establishment. “The show is ridiculously fun,” she said. “The crowd is always so supportive and enthusiastic about the outfits. It the best feeling in the world.”

Modeling is not just for girls, though. Junior Viren Aluri has been modeling since he was a baby, as his mom has been an agent for more than 25 years, even doing some modeling of her own in her youth. He likes the work, but is glad that he rarely gets questioned about that it doesn’t have a huge impact on his social life. “My favorite part is seeing my face on things randomly — and the people,” he said. “You really meet the coolest people, majority of which I never would have met without being in the industry.”

However, the glamorous life of North Atlanta’s runway stars isn’t always what it seems. The modeling industry is notorious for playing a huge part in body confidence issues and comparisons between models and “average” people. As fun as it is to go to school with soon to be superstars, many students have issues with wishing they were them and striving for that perfect Hollywood body.

In the end, North Atlanta’s model students are just one more unique aspect of the Dubs’ school-wide culture. At such a young age, these camera-ready individuals are accomplishing more than many up and coming models could dream of. From the classroom to the runway, the Dubs have what it takes to excel.