Adelante! North Atlanta Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Somos Uno: North Atlanta comes together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. Pictured: (Left to Right) Janet Jwarez, Lissette Garcia, Marleny Fransisco, Itzel Tornez, Emelie Lopez, Nancy Hernandez.

Every year in the fall, starting on Sept. 15, Hispanic people around the world gather to share their rich culture with the rest of the world. North Atlanta loves to participate in the Hispanic Heritage Month festivities every year and this year was no different. This year’s school-wide theme — “Somos Uno: We Are One” — was prominently posted around the school and even printed on t-shirts worn by the teachers and students. Here is a recap of what you may have missed during North Atlanta’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month which ran up to Oct. 15. 

Things kicked off bright and early on Sept. 16, the second day of Hispanic Heritage Month, with dancers in costumes in the atrium handing out Latin candies to students arriving to school. Later in the day, the cafeteria served Mexican food and had a chef’s table of hispanic food on display. Throughout the month, North Atlanta also hosted three guest speakers to talk to students about their heritage and how it applies to their daily lives.

David Galban, North Atlanta’s bilingual community liaison, was in charge of putting together this year’s events. Galban and other participants alike agreed that this year’s celebration was a success, however they intend on changing a few things in order to have an even better month next year. “This month is not just for Hispanics, it is for all,” said Galban. “As the logo for the Hispanic Heritage Month says, ‘We Are One’ regardless of race, color, language, gender, political or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and disability.”

North Atlanta’s mission when it comes to celebrating this important month is to bring together all students regardless of race and cultural background. Next year, the organizers of North Atlanta’s Hispanic Heritage Month activities plan on making strides to include everyone in the festivities and make Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 one for the history books.