New Quill and Scroll Honors Society Elevates Journalism Pathway


Hayden Perciful

Wonderful Writers: Seniors Ashley Humphrey and John Fiveash smile as they prepare for the upcoming work in the Journalism Honor Society

A new Journalism Honor Society was introduced by senior Ashley Humphrey and Journalism teacher Jack Stenger. The club, called Quill and Scroll, will encourage journalism students to pursue this interest and allow them the ability to participate in journalism related activities. This year is the society’s first official year and they have already gained 20 members within the first two months. 

The journalism pathway offered at school is a two-year course that many students finish after their sophomore year. The pathway’s conclusion forces them to begin a new pathway or — for the top journalism students — there’s always the chance to vie for selective spots on the staff of either the school’s newspaper or yearbook. This is a big commitment that requires dedication and hard work, and the classes don’t always fit into students’ schedules. Quill and Scroll will give these students the opportunity to participate in journalism while not being fully committed to either the yearbook or newspaper. 

Humphrey, yearbook associate editor, decided she wanted to work on getting a Quill and Scroll chapter to create a larger community for journalism students who had completed journalism 1 and 2 to be able to take part in. “We really wanted to offer an opportunity for a sense of connection to the pathway that’s not really been around until  now,” she said.  

The society will connect with Invictus and the Warrior Wire allowing members to help take yearbook pictures and even give them opportunities to write for the Wire. They will also conduct polls, speak to underclassmen about the pathway, and write to foreign pen pals, a great way to embody the international principles that Quill and Scroll seeks to project. Down the road, Humphrey said, could be some fun field trips to places like  CNN, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and local broadcast news affiliates.  

The club is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who hold a high GPA and who are members of the staff of the Warrior Wire, Invictus of Windows, the school’s literary magazine. Also eligible are participants in the school’s 11 Stories news show.  If you want to participate or have questions, visit Stenger’s room, room 5161, or talk to Humphrey.