Cuffing Season Date Ideas for the Lovesick Teen


Leah Overstreet

Stuck on You: In the merry spirit of Cuffing Season, seniors Alex Sowatzka and Anna Pannell are cuddled up and ready for around-the-town adventure

Deck the halls and throw on that gay apparel: The holidays are here! That means presents, Christmas tunes and, most importantly, Cuffing Season! Tis the season for new relationships and wishful thinking. As our toes freeze, our ice cold hearts melt and our palms itch to hold someone’s hand. Baby it’s cold outside, and sometimes we just want a whirlwind romance to spice things up. Well, I see you, and I too am a member of the lonely heart’s club. Here are some cute date ideas for those of us who have managed to fall in like with someone and need some rendezvous to sweep your object of affection off their feet. Whether you decide to go with your high school sweetheart or your best buds, I guarantee it will be a jolly time.


If you happen to be a literary nerd like me, you might enjoy this quirky date idea. Nothing says comfy and cozy like warm coffee and browsing the fiction section with your own love interest. Take turns picking the cheesiest lines out of romance novels or chat over a yummy pastry. 

Get Boba Tea

It’s a tasty treat that’s as sweet as young love. (Yes, I’m going to keep milking this romance theme.) Boba tea, for those of us not already knee deep in a boba addiction, is a Taiwanese drink consisting of sweet milk tea and tapioca balls. Take my word for it, it literally tastes like happiness. It’s a fun way to mix up your usual routine. Next time you think of getting coffee, get some.

Go to the Botanical Gardens Christmas Light Show

This is movie-montage level romance! Take a stroll and enjoy, not just the twinkle in their eyes, but the twinkle of the Botanical Garden Christmas lights. It’s a nice chill time to just talk and enjoy a night with the person who makes you smile. However, this romp isn’t reserved for wintertime lovers, it’s also a great thing to do with your friends. Roast marshmallows under the fairy lights and take photos under the tunnel of stars. I promise you won’t regret it.

Visit the High Museum at Night

Nothing says artsy couple of the year like exploring the High Museum after sunset. Of course you could go during the day, but going at night is cuter. Aesthetics aside, it actually is a great place to just walk and talk, take pictures with the more amusing art pieces, and make up cheesy, art-related pick up lines. Be sure to look into their events as well because they have teen nights where you can paint clothes, create sculptures, and even participate in a fashion show.  

If you choose to embark on one, or all, or none of these cute dates, I hope your teenage romances are merry and bright!