Coach Andre Regan: North Atlanta’s Busiest Man


North Atlanta’s Busiest Man: Coach Reagan is a valuable asset to the school staff

Our school has many unsung heroes that work hard in the background to keep things going smoothly. One of these heroes is North Atlanta’s very own athletic director, Coach Andre Regan. Regan has been working at North Atlanta for nine years. He is the heartbeat of the athletic program and all things extracurricular. He proves to be quite a busy man. If anyone is the official face of Dubs athletics, it’s definitely him.

Regan started off as a teacher in the Journalism and Film pathway. He decided to switch gears into the athletic department because he wanted to make sure the kids he cares about so much have balance during their time in high school. While not every North Atlanta athlete is looking to commit to a Division One school, the program has been extremely influential in the lives of many Warriors. Considering how big of a role the athletic department plays in high school life, Regan has a very important job. He tends to interact with a majority of the student body because of his prominent involvement in managing extracurricular activities at North Atlanta. “My favorite part about working at this school are the amazing students,” Regan said.

Running the athletic department consists of hiring coaching staff, scheduling, managing regions and budgeting. Regan can also be found dealing with boosters, managing finances, managing security, managing all clubs at North Atlanta, acquiring sponsors, and maintaining the gym. The list goes on and on. Anything that helps the school run smoothly, he most likely has something to do with it. “I have so many responsibilities, I can’t even count,” he said.

A few lucky students are able to help him with his busy work and they admire his work ethic and incredible dedication to Warriors athletics. “ He is one man doing a billion jobs,” junior Zoe Glickman said. “I don’t know how he does it but it’s pretty incredible to watch him pull it off.” 

His hard work has paid off though. This year has been wildly successful for the Dubs across all sports so far. North Atlanta’s softball, football, cross country, and tennis teams have all set school records this year, and Regan played a part in making some of these records achievable. For all things Dubs, rush to Regan.