Italian Exchange Student Victor-Gabriel Hofer Speaks at SCAD


Ciao!: Victor Hofer shares his photography skills with SCAD’s fashion design class!

Hailing all the way from the northern alps of Italy, senior Victor-Gabriel Hofer has commenced his year abroad by speaking in front of a fashion class at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD.) But how did a 17-year-old manage to face a college professor’s classroom?

Victor-Gabriel Hofer heard about an open house at SCAD, a school he knew about due to his mother’s origin in Savannah.  After discussing with her the variety in representation of not only races but also talent, he decided to attend. There, Hofer was given the chance to meet the head of the department of Fashion Design: Julia Kroener. The professor herself is, in fact, from Munich, a couple hours north of Hofer’s hometown, and was familiar with his area of the Alps. “Just based on a conversation with Frau Kroener, she said that she would love to have me speak with her senior fashion class and I was honored to do it,” said Hofer. 

Then the day came: Thursday, Nov. 7. As an international student with photograph experience in Europe and other parts of the world, Hofer not only offered insight on photoshoots in geographically contrasting places but also about my experiences here in Atlanta. However, he wanted to learn more than he wanted to talk about himself. “I see differently than the other students, so hearing perspectives from all around the world was really interesting,” said Hofer.

Though he’s only been here for three months, Hofer said he’s been looking to expand his network as a photographer. During the SCAD event, he met fellow international students with whom he plans to collaborate in the future. These students are from mountainous regions of Peru and the biggest cities in China. “I enjoyed being in an environment full of people interested in art, fashion, and more,” said Hofer. “We bonded and we are going to get to spend more time together in the future.” 

Hofer says he is glad to have had a sample of a real college experience and see a potential future for himself. He plans on moving forward with his photography and working among the new opportunities he came upon during his SCAD discussion. With his camera in hand, Hofer is ready for a future behind a lens.