Rebranding at the North, Dubs are Embracing their New Athletic Logo


If you haven’t seen it around already, Warriors have been sporting an all-new athletic logo this year. This new logo, featuring a shield and sword inscribed with an “NA,” marks an all new high for Dub culture. After an extensive design process, Warriors are sporting the logo to take pride in North Atlanta and all it stands for. 

In order to create the school’s new logo, Athletic Director Andre Regan employed the help of design company Varsity Brands to help create a new image to represent North Atlanta. It took between three to six months and feedback from a variety of North Atlanta coaches and staff to create a universal Warriors athletic logo. 

Previously, North Atlanta has had a variety of logos that often differentiated by team or sport. This new logo is aimed at uniting the culture at North Atlanta and having one image to unify the student body. “The point of the new logo is to unify as a family and unify as school,” said Regan. “We wanted to create something that both boys and girls teams can use and enjoy.” 

     Many students are very appreciative of the hard work that has been put into this process. One of the many benefits of the new logo is the Warriors new clothing and athletic gear that is in high popularity. “ The new logo is dope,” said junior Holt Marbut. “But the best part is the new drip and accessories that they’re putting it on. I think people really like to wear it for once.” 

This new logo will be largely athletically focused and a large part of spirit wear at North Atlanta from now on, but anyone in the school can use it. The previous logo will still be evident, but now more academically focused. “I think it’s sick that we can now wear a sword instead of a plain boring circle,” said junior Jack Bynum. “I think people would rather wear this logo on their clothing and it will help bring up school spirit.” 

North Atlanta’s effort into creating a new logo has not gone unnoticed. Warriors are taking advantage of the many benefits it brings and one can already see the new sword and shield on the sweatshirts and other spirit wear in the hallways. And even if you haven’t, you can’t miss it painted on the new gym floor. This new logo serves to unify North Atlanta culture and hopefully will do so for many years to come.