The Buckhead Bubble: Growing Up in the Confinement of Familiarity


Buckhead Bubble: How the community we’ve always known plays an impact in our lives

For many of us North Atlanta students, the rose-colored reality of living in the heart of Buckhead is something we have grown hopelessly accustomed to. For most, our k-12 journey begins and ends within the same twelve mile radius. While this constant confinement to such a minuscule part of the world is a great for building a sense of community and familiarity, it often leaves us wondering: What lies truly lies OTP?

When you live in one place for your entire life, it becomes increasingly difficult to picture anything outside of what you have grown to know. Living in this bubble affords its people to live a sheltered and pampered existence, often isolating them from the happenings of the rest of the world. Growing up, it is easy to never question or oppose what happens within your living space. After all, why question what you have always known? 

For others, the reality of being confined to only a small corner often fosters an unrelenting desire to leave, to one day get a taste of the outside. Whether they live in Buckhead or Brookhaven, countless individuals long to get first hand experience with the outside. Oftentimes, this sense of longing leads students to yearn for a new place to call home, when oftentimes, the home they already have is pretty great. After all, the grass is always greener across state lines. “Atlanta is undoubtedly a cool place to live, but I’ve been here for so long that all I want to do is leave,” said senior Sam Stewart. “It’s hard to imagine life outside of here.”

Living in a bubble, though sometimes a bit confining, comes with benefits that most who indulge in this lifestyle fail to realize. Not all people, not even all NAHS students, are given the luxury of living in such a stable and privileged environments. In many situations, having a bubble is a blessing in disguise. Senior Annabelle Sarkissian reflects on her childhood as a determining factor in her life. “Living here has provided me with so much stability and comfort within my community,” said senior Annabelle Sarkissian.

We’ve all grown to love our little bubble, and we cherish the opportunities and comfort it has brought us. But the burning question is, what happens when the bubble pops?