More Than 30 North Atlanta Seniors Admitted Early into Georgia Tech


Buzz About Buzz: More than 30 North Atlanta seniors have been admitted to Georgia Tech, a number more than double the figure from just two years ago.

North Atlanta sees more and more seniors getting accepted into the Georgia Institute of Technology every year. The class of 2019 impressed with 28 students accepted Early Action by the school. However, this years’ numbers surpass that: 31 students in the class of 2020 gained early admission.

With every acceptance deadline comes anxiety and increased pressure, however many students felt that awaiting Georgia Tech’s decision was on another playing field. The institute is known for its competitiveness and low- 20 percent- average acceptance rate, so it is understandable the kids felt some fear. “You never know with these kinds of things,” said senior Hannah Hume, “There is a lot of self-doubt there.”

Having started off with only 13 students being admitted in 2016 and increasing to 31 in 2020, is an incredible feat for not only those that were accepted into Tech, but also the North Atlanta community. The numbers reflect how the school and its educational programs have grown. “I think the IB program really helped me with preparing for Tech. Now I know what level I need to be at,” said senior Fiona Liu.

These students are excited to start their futures at Georgia Tech and, though some plan on taking different routes, having been accepted into the school is still an immensely important gain. Many plan on even rooming together for their freshman year, but first they must make it out of the North Atlanta doors. “I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to graduate,” said senior Colin Brake.

In spring, those awaiting their decisions will join the others admitted into Tech for four years of quality education. The students and staff within the North Atlanta community are extremely proud of this year’s graduating class and future leaders. It is clear that all their hard work has paid off: now all they need to worry about what to wear to graduation.