Fortune-Telling Filters


Fabulous Filters: Juniors Gigi Olmstead and Katherine McWhirter see what their future holds

Instagram and Snapchat are famous for their filters such as the flower crown, the puppy, and the egg filter. Recently both social media platforms have released new filters that show which Disney character looks most like you or — you want more? — what the year 2020 has in store for you. These new all-knowing filters predict your look-alike, career, intelligence, and even your future. No, of course, they are not 100 percent accurate — unless these guys really know everything about us — but they are fun to play around with and share results with friends. 

For the look-alike filters, the camera scans your face and goes through various pictures of characters and stops on the one you look the most like. There is no exact science behind it as it’s just pure luck and coincidence. To be expected these filters have gone viral because people love figuring out what character they look like and sharing and comparing their character with their friends. Sometimes the results make sense while other times they are purely a sense of comedy. “I was the slug for the animal filter, the hunchback for Disney, and they said I was going to be dead in 2020,” said junior Campbell Tully.

These new filters have gone viral over not over social media but also television and the Internet. Talk show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres used the “Which Disney Character are you?” filter on live television. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner used the “Which social star are you?” to make sure it ensures valid results, and ended up getting herself. “I think they’re pretty funny and some accurate but not all. They’re really random but I think they’ve gone viral because of that,” said junior Gigi Olmstead. 

While some people enjoy swiping through Instagram stories and seeing different filters people use, others are not so fond of it. Some students prefer to not see everybody and their grandma’s results. They aren’t particularly entertained by it because of the frequent repetition on everyone’s social media accounts. “These filters got really old and annoying after seeing them on everyone’s story, some of them aren’t even accurate,” said junior Foard Martin.

The most popular filters between Instagram and Snapchat are “ I challenge you to…,” “Which Disney princess are you?”, “Dumb Scanner,” “Beauty Scanner,” “Tweet that defines your 2020,” “Which animal are you?” and “Which Star Wars character are you?” Trends come and go but these ever-popular filter trends are sure to be around for a while — that is until the next batch of filters get popular. 

Got some homework that you’ve long needed to do? Get on that phone and see what the filter says to do!