The Señor Next Door


Nora Rosenfeld

The 8-4 Bromance: Floor 10 besties Phillipe Maury and Thomas Williams celebrate their unique friendship

In 2013, a historic change was made that sent ripples throughout the City of Atlanta – North Atlanta changed buildings! IBM had decided it was time for an upgrade, and Atlanta Public Schools, in classic capitalist fashion, was all too excited to hop on the opportunity for a brand new, tricked-out, 11-floor building. Now, in 2020, comfortably settled on top of our lovely retention pond, many have forgotten the days of old. However, two close pals, Señor Thomas Williams and Monsieur Philippe Maury, have stayed together through it all. Remaining classroom neighbors year after year, the two have developed a unique bond that defies even language.

The pair have been buddies for 11 years now, and the friendship is going as strong as ever, even spanning outside of the school environment. This year, Maury ate Christmas dinner at the Williams house, and remains close with Williams’ children. In fact, Maury has a picture of Dale, Williams’ son, hanging on his classroom fridge. He also frequently brings the children stuffed animals that he finds at various flea markets. These gifts are reciprocated by Williams, the supplier of many of the plush stuffed animals that can be found in Maury’s classroom for use in student skits and projects. Confident in the friendship, Williams says the two will be “besties for the resties.” 

Monsieur Maury, ever sarcastic and humorous, takes a bit of a different perspective on their friendship. He says that the two don’t hang out after school, because it is strictly an 8-4 bromance. However, their friendship in school is strong, and they enjoy making fun of students and other staff members together. He even admits that Williams is his only friend. When asked how the two became friends, he says, “I looked into his blue eyes and knew that he was the right one.” 

Will we ever know the true nature of the friendship between these two mysterious jokesters? Only time will tell. However, if you happen to pass by one of their classrooms during lunch block, you are sure to see Maury sharing a laugh with the Señor next door.