The Rise of Comfies


Comfies: The rise of ultimate comfort in fashion

Sweatshirts are comfortable. Blankets are comfortable. But what about a blanket in a sweatshirt? Introducing the Comfy. It is the epitome of full body comfort. These blankets started off on Shark Tanks and have recently hit the hallowed halls of North Atlanta High School as a wide-spread trend. Many students got them over winter break as presents for the holidays. While some students choose to lounge around in it at home, others choose to boldly strut the halls in their brand-new Comfy. It is quite the fashion statement.

Ms. Shilling’s room, located on the eighth floor, is one of the coldest in the building. Therefore, she decided it would be a useful purpose considering she is cold throughout the school day. Ms. Shilling raves about her Comfy and became a trendsetter when she started wearing it to school. After a while, she started to let multiple students borrow it from time to time to wear for the day. Often times, you might see a student in the halls wearing her oversized navy blue Comfy. “ When I get a headache from the extremely loud children I teach, bundling up in my Comfy is the only thing that keeps me sane,” said Ms. Shilling.

The Comfy was designed by Brian and Micheal Speciale (The Comfy Boys) for the purpose of being a full body blanket. This ultimate comfy position can be achieved by pulling the hood over your head and pulling your legs closer to your chest, allowing the soft sherpa material to consume you whole. The Comfy Boys first came up with a prototype in April 2017 and had a singing pitch to go along with it. Later in the year, they auditioned to be on Shark Tank. Loads of paperwork later, they ended up living their dream of promoting their product on their favorite television show. They ended up striking a deal with Barabara Corcoran of $50,000 and 20 percent equity. They have since come up with new products such as The Comfy For Your Feet, The Comfy Hoodie, and The Comfy Teddy.

Why get a regular old sweatshirt or a raggedy blanket when you can get the Comfy? They come in all colors but only one size, which happens to be very large! Get your Comfie today to reach the maximum level of comfort physically possible on Earth! This product serves to prove that the Comfy Boys are the official princes of plush at North Atlanta High School.